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If you’re looking to get real momentum with your idea, product or business, you’ve come to the right  place.  We’ll show you how to take your idea, the right opportunity and sound wisdom to get you on the right track.  You can do this! We’ll help you.

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Ready to take control of your idea for a product or business?  It won’t happen overnight, but you can do it!

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You put 3 things into an idea for an invention or startup: Time, Money & Wisdom.  If you don’t acquire the Wisdom first, you will likely pour the other 2 down the drain. Be confident and ready to make the next right choice with your idea with these courses from Empowered Inventing Academy.




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Our Story

Don Skaggs

Empowered Inventing Founder

What is Empowered Inventing?

Don Skaggs started Empowered Inventing to share what he’d learned by starting his own business in 1991, taking it from bootstrap to successful exit.

Developing new and innovative products, manufacturing those products and successfully selling them in the marketplace gave him the opportunity of living on both sides of the fence – development and marketing.

Don is now known for helping inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses through the Inventors Network KY, Empowered Inventing Academy, Consulting & Coaching, and the Empowered Inventing TV YouTube channel.  


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